Sunday, May 30, 2010

How exciting!

I was just browsing Etsy's site, clicked on their Blog spotlight and found one of my pieces being featured in a home decor article. That just made my day. You can see it here

Today was yet another fabulous beach day. We're supposed to get some colder weather tomorrow which is okay because I really need to clean my house and do some laundry.
This is a picture of my sister. She leaves to go back to Germany tomorrow so I guess my vacations over with too. At least for now.
Hope you all are enjoying your long weekend. Karin

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Too nice out Tuesday"

I have declared today to be "Too nice out Tuesday"

We decided to go to the beach again. My sister was brave enough to swim in the chilly water. I almost did, but I really like the water to be at least 70 degrees.

Look at this giant blue crab that washed up. So sad he's dead, but couldn't help but stare at his beautiful shell.

Monday, May 24, 2010


In case you were wondering where I've been.
My sister has been visiting from Germany this month which has pulled my attention away from blogging and most of my domestic duties around the house. My days have been replaced with shopping, a random sewing project, the beach, family events, lots of coffee time at the Pannikin,............and then some more shopping.

If the weather would just warm back up so I can keep this illusion of summer vacation a little longer.

Seriously, I know I need to get back to my studio.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

We all live in the Yellow Submarine

Go ahead and sing along. You know you want to.

We just hung our submarine and jellyfish project over at the Pannikin last Monday and of course I forgot to bring my camera.
This mural was too big to get the whole thing in the shot, but I think you get the picture.
Francesca wrote a great poem for her school about water and swimming which I stuck in the shadow box along with our mini sample paintings.

It's been kind of fun being a fly on the wall, listening to the patrons of the cafe react to our happy little submarine.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Blooming Tree

Have you ever seen something so beautiful?
While celebrating my sister's retirement from the San Jose Ballet, I made a mental note to get a picture of this magnificent tree. I was excited to see that the roses were in full bloom. The owners have been carefully training this vine for several years and now it's the crown jewel of the street.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Crazy busy week already

I thought I'd share some of my latest prints I varnished on birch wood. There's a key hole in the back for easy hanging. These are supposed to go to my next show, but I might throw a few in the shop too.

The studio has been buzzing with activity this week. Lots of painting, sewing, stretching canvas's, finishing up a custom piece and starting a new commission which I promise to share with you later.

Here's my sister Lara modeling a t-shirt design I did for CrossFit LifeAsRx a while back. I have another one, but don't have a sample to show you yet.

Last but not least.....go check out my sister Catharine. She's going to kill me for this, but I couldn't resist.
She did this underwater photo shoot for Adobe cs5. Is that amazing or what?
All the sisters and a few close friends will be heading up north this weekend to see her dance her last performance for the San Jose Ballet. She's ready to retire and relocate back to San Diego. Yeah!!