Saturday, April 21, 2012


Where did the time go?

I blame this guy pictured below. My nephew has consumed my days with his cuteness and sense of humor. I didn't know babies understood humor at only six months, but he was born a natural comedian. So if you see less of me here, I'm somewhere in town toting this chunk of a baby around like an accessory.

It looks like while my blog was taking a sabbatical, Blogger switched things around and I can't seem to format separate paragraphs here. Anyone out there figure out how to do it? (Fixed it thanks to Erica at Beyond Rubies!!!)

The second part of this post is about the incredible luck I've had recently on my scavenger hunts. The sunburst clock found for a mere $5 that instigated a whole new look for the mantle, and these two LARGE vintage maps for only $10 each!

Shut up!!!, really..only $10 bucks each. Can you stand it? The frames needed to be painted over the ugly oak color but that's it.

I have a thing for old maps especially when they are of places I love. One is a map of Yosemite and the other Sequoia National Forest. I now call this room "California Road Trip."
The mosaic of mirrors that hung here before are now finding a new wall in my front room (a.k.a. "the Genie Bottle) and will take pictures as soon as its done. Am I the only dork out there who names her rooms? Don't you think it sounds more interesting than family room and living room?

p.s....for any of you local moms that want to come to the Pannikins free Spring craft day for kids. It's next Friday the 27th from 1-4pm. I have volunteered to help make garden bonbons. A mixture of clay and dirt with seeds tucked inside that are then taken home and tossed in the garden to grow. I've never tried these before so it should be interesting. ;)