Wednesday, August 26, 2009

His name is Bobby

While I'm running around getting ready for this weekends show, I thought I'd post an interview with one of my many assistants.
Meet Bob, a kooky little guy with a lot to say.
-He's 9 years old
-If you're in the hammock, he'll be there shortly. He also insists on being held over the right shoulder, not the left.
-He has a habit of sticking his tongue out. Today was a record breaking 5 minutes.
-His best friend is Eddie. (pictured above)
-He thinks he was an underwear model in a past life.
-He had a girlfriend (Betty), but she cheated on him with his brother (Max) who then dumped her.
-Favorite hobbies involve watching "bird tv" on the chicken network in the backyard.
-He prefers to be an indoor/outdoor cat. You got a problem with that?


  1. Wow, he's been through a lot of drama! I love cats.

  2. I love cats too!!!
    they are so lovely...and Bobby is amazing! :)