Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sweet "Grandma Snapper" 1995-2009

It's been a very sad day for Art and I as we said goodbye to our oldest dog Brooke this morning. I thought I was prepared for her passing since she was almost 14 years old and her health was slowing diminishing...... but I wasn't. Art and I feel very fortunate to have been able to spend her last hour comforting her as much as possible. It was also very sweet to witness the other furry members of our family visiting her in her room, saying their goodbyes. I want to thank all of you who flooded our emails and left very touching phone messages. It was nice to know how many people she touched and that we have such great people in our life. Lots of tears today so please forgive me for not answering the phone.

You know, if it wasn't for her, Art and I wouldn't be together. Yep.....I got suckered for the guy with the cute little puppy.

She was born deaf, but you'd never know it unless she was sleeping. She picked up sign language right away and I swear she could read lips. She also used her handicap to her advantage when it was bath time by avoiding eye contact and keeping a safe distance from us. Pretty comical to watch.

She will be greatly missed but alway in our hearts.


  1. Oh i'm so sorry, it is always painful when a pet dies, no matter how expected it was.

    Micki x

  2. Oh dear. My sincere condolences. It helps to think about all the good times together. All my best...

  3. Oh Karin, I was so sad to read this. I remember being heartbroken when Sam died. We knew he was going too, but I still cried myself to sleep that night. I like to think he he still trotting around nearby. Maybe every now and then you'll feel Brooke around too :)