Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Ugliest Before and After Project!

This shelf/cupboard measures 6x6ft square and proved to be the most challenging project rehab I've tackled in a while. Dripping with what was thought to be broken old jars of canned goods oozing their goo from the top shelf to the bottom. Such a mess!

It took 4 guys to load it in the truck. My husband was the only one who had faith that I would be able to transform this nasty beast into a beauty. Others thought I was crazy, which only made me more determined. Even the lady who sold it to me had her doubts. She only asked $25 bucks for it. Score!
To me, it was all cosmetic. Check out those cool sliding doors. Reminds me of something you'd find in an old classroom.

Well, it took quite a few hours to scrape, sand, degrease, paint 3 coats of primer, and 2 coats of a brilliant peacock blue.
But now... it's my pride and joy, sitting proud in our living room.


  1. Wow, that was such a hardcore project! Looks amazing, I love all the display space!

  2. Karin, that is the most beautiful shade of peacock blue! Love it!! PS I'm in love the blue/gray dresser in Pannkinn right now - if only I had the space!!
    xo Melissa

  3. You are a total stud for tackling that huge mess...prep work kills me!!
    And I love that you chose a ballsy color like peacock...I mean, why go to all that work and paint it plain white, right??
    The styling looks so great too...I hope that's your house and you got to keep this great piece!