Monday, February 18, 2013

Arts Alive Exhibit 2013

Yesterday was the unveiling for downtown 101's street banners. This is the third year that I participated and it's always fun to see what our local artists come up with. Being a beach town, you can always count on plenty of mermaids, seahorses and palm trees flooding the show. So many, that I have vowed never to paint those three subjects. I will however allow myself to paint other sea life......just not those. :)

This one cracks me up. The Pannikin is on the bluff at Beacons Beach. As the cliff slowly erodes, this could well be a reality someday.
Overall, it was a decent show.....I personally think that last year was the best and will be tough to beat.
Today and tomorrow they will be hung on the posts so take a drive down old hwy 101 and pick your favorite. The online auction has already begun.


  1. where is your banner hanging? I havent spotted it yet.

  2. I miss reading your updates. I hope everything is well for you.