Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Long Day of Painting

I love days like today when I can shut the world out and paint for hours.  My new studio offers so much more elbow room that I can work on two paintings side by side.  Right now I'm painting a series of four girls, each one illustrating a different season.  I finished "Autumn" a few days ago and today I completed "Summer" and part if "Winter".  Here's a snap shot of "Autumn."  I haven't had a chance to photograph the others yet- maybe tomorrow or I'll wait until they're all done.

Every monday, I have an adult art class with the fabulous Carol who owns the Pannikin and Miss Francesca, our favorite side kick.  We've been busy creating a LARGE elephant mural for the Pannikin.  Hopefully it will be done this summer??  Here are a couple of my charcoal and graphite renderings.  Carol comes up with some really great ideas.  I'm now obsessed with drawing elephants.

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  1. I"ve been hearing about the elephants! Can't wait to see them :)