Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Drawing and Planting

I spent some time this morning drawing samples for class on saturday. We will be learning how to draw and then paint reflective and transparent objects. Here I did a some water drops and an old glass bottle in charcoal. This will definitely test their patience. You have to work slowly adding more and more layers till it pops off the page. Boy, all these samples pieces I do really bring back memories of my art school days. I can hear my teachers comments as I'm working. It's like they're sitting on my shoulder giving me advise, "bring this out a bit more, make it pop", "make the lines blend away, don't be afraid to go darker". Does anyone else experience that? It's kind of nice. I wish I could thank them now and let them know I really was listening.

Later, I went to Barrels and Branches and bought some beautiful blue pots and succulents. I was going for a monochromatic look. I love how the plants have shades of blue and pink in them. When I planted everything, I had a lot of extra pieces left over for propagating. We'll see how many will make it. Karin

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  1. Hi Karin ~

    I love your pots - good luck with your little ones :)

    I remember using charcoal back in school. We had to go to Canterbury Cathedral and draw the arches. I wound up with a very black forearm! I never did get the knack of it. I love how these really do pop off the page - especially those drops of water.

    ~ Emily (who thanks you for introducing her to the Texas Tornedos!).