Thursday, April 2, 2009


The three chirpie chicks are on the move.  Funny, I just posted about them yesterday, but received this email today.  Sounds like they will be traveling the globe looking for wild adventures.

Here's the latest post:

Hi Karin,
I reluctantly bequeathed the wonderful 3 chicks to my sister for her birthday but not without strict stipulations.  She and I both travel a lot but my sister literally covers the globe.  So her assignment, should she choose to keep the chicks, was to pack them in her suitcase and take pictures of their adventures.  We haves started a scrapbook and thought we'd keep you in the loop.  Although I have yet to see her first contribution, she has assured me that they would accompany her to New Calendonia this week, so I'm excited to see what happened.  She loves your work as much as I do so thanks again for your artistry--we are having fun with it!  

Maria learned the hard way that her move to L.A. would forever change the way her friend would she her.   

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