Thursday, May 28, 2009

Paint Chip Project

Veronica Diago's blog has been having fun with paint chips lately. I think most of us have a drawer in our house with plenty of these. Since I'm the queen of remodeling, painting rooms over and over, I've acquired quite a few. We were encouraged to take these and create something, be it art or whatever. What a great way to recycle them, giving them a second life rather than throwing them out. (technically, I'd be throwing them in the recycling bin, I should just say I'm giving them a new life.) I decided to make party decorations with them. A flower garland, cocktail umbrellas and stirrers. I'm thinking they're pretty darn cute. So there you go Veronica, sorry I took so long. Last but not least, right?


  1. These are so cool, Karin! I've been having fun with this project that Veronica started. Falling a bit behind on creating my own, but so inspired to see what other people are coming up with!!

  2. These are great! Did you use a cutting stamp (like a cookie cutter)? I'd love to make some flowers to hang in our next apartment like that. Inspiring :)