Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm Speechless!

Etsy artist BrianaEdelmanDesigns sent me a shop link today of these adorable purses she made from my chickadee fabric. Something I think is even cooler is that she uses a layer of batting made from recycled bottles, each bag saves about one bottle from being wasted.
Briana is an east coast designer specializing in jewelry and handbags. She has a passion for simple designs and details that can go with anything you wear or do, day or night.
I am so happy she chose to use some of my custom fabric designs.



  1. Karin ~
    These are gorgeous!

  2. Holy crap Karin! Those are amazing! I wish I had gotten to come and hang out with you, my family is crazy! It took us two days to get home! I had to sleep in stupid asshole Bush airport hotel in freakin' Texas with my boys. Sooooooo tired still! It was awesome to see you beautiful woman!

  3. Those are adorable! I looove the pink one! I'm going to go check out her Etsy shop. I love how she used recycled material, too!

  4. rose: i freakin' love your post! just tell us next time how you really feel! :):)