Monday, June 8, 2009

Projects, New and Old

Here are some more pictures of things I've been trying to finish up, making room for some new ideas mulling around in my head. It's impossible for me to focus on a new project when five or so unfinished ones are staring at me.
First, I sewed the two pillows for my sister which I think are super cool for her studio/guest house. A nice tropical touch just in time for summer.
Then, I stitched a branch and two new owls on my quilt. I'm thinking one more branch and some flying tweety birds should be enough to end this stage of the project. Next I'll need to start thinking about trim and backing.
My new fun project was working on some sushi bowls with my neighbor across the street. Joan is 84 years old and has her own pottery studio where she throws some beautiful dish ware. She threw these bowls for me, then I made all the cuts for my chops sticks to rest in. They're large enough to be the main entree bowl with room for a few side dishes. Like a plate, but bowl shaped which is more functional for chop sticks. I'm having a tough time deciding what glaze to use. There are so many groovy ones to choose from. This week I hope to throw a few saki cups. I'm pretty rusty so it'll be interesting.


  1. Hi Karin ~
    Everything looks so good and so immaculately done! Those pillows look fantastic - no doubt you have a very happy sister right now :)

  2. Your projects are so impressive and inspiring. You certainly are multi-talented! I so admire people who stay active, creative and productive into their later years. That's how my grandma was until just recently.