Sunday, August 23, 2009

Leucadia Art Walk

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. I've been up in LA all last week with limited internet access, but lots of time to paint.
This is my last week to get everything ready for Leucadia Art Walk. It'll be on Sunday the 30th and stretch about a mile long on Old Highway 101 with over 100 artists. This just might be the first year that they were booked solid and had to turn artists away. I will have my tent set up in front of the Pannikin for anyone who wants to stop by and say hello.
The pictures above show a sampling of my new cards I've been busy making. I also hope to have plenty of new paintings and prints ready as well. Karin

1 comment:

  1. H Karin!
    How was LA?
    The Leucadia project sounds great. Hard work, but I imagine being surrounded by that many other artists must also be pretty inspiring.
    Your cards look good - the sea urchins particularly caught my attention.
    I hope the chickens have been behaving themselves :)
    ~ Emily.