Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What are you going to be for Halloween?

I spent part of today making a Tiki mask for Art. He was cleaning up the palm trees the other day and jokingly held up one of the branches in front of his face. I said "you look like a tiki"....... and then a light bulb went off and we knew it would be this years costume. I just need to drill holes for the eyes, add some straps to the back and maybe some foam backing for comfort. (Zuri will be so jealous!)
The last few years I've always dressed up as some sort of flying bug. This year I bought a new pair of wings because my old ones were pretty thrashed. When I opened them up, I saw that they only had detail and glitter on the outside. How dumb is that? From the front you would only see plain black nylon. So I tried to return them since I've only had them for a day, but the store won't take anything back after Oct. 17th. I ended up bringing them back home, painting the inside and adding lots of glitter. Now the inside looks better than the outside, so I'll probably redo the back as well.

If any of you are near the Pannikin on Halloween and you have little ones, please stop by. They hired me to do face painting (which I've never done) from 10-2. I tried to say no like three times, but finally caved in. This should be interesting. I'll make sure to bring my camera.

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  1. I love that you're dressing up! I feel quite lame for just having spiders hanging up now... Good luck with the face painting - sounds fun :)