Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What NOT to do!

Just a little rant.........

I'm so disgusted with the way some people treat animals! It just makes me feel so sick inside. I received a call the other day from my neighbor who heard of someone who needed a home for their chickens. They were only a year and a half old, but she was replacing them with some chicks. I told my neighbor I'd take two more, and I have plenty of friends that would interested as well.
So today we all drove out to a beautiful home about 45 minutes away with our kennels in the truck. When we got there, we saw a nice house on about four acres and a cute little chicken coop. When I got closer, I saw they had 14 chickens in a coop suitable for 6, plus a rabbit cage with 17 baby chicks! The poor chickens were so badly pecked from being in confined quarters and very malnourished from a poor diet.
Now I know what people are talking about when they say that chickens smell horrible. My chickens have never smelled a bit. These poor girls reeked! What animal wouldn't smell if they were confined in their own feces without enough space to move around? This was just crazy to me. So, of course we had to take them all. I just feel so bad for the chicks. They are destined for the same kind of life.
The good news is they've all been placed in fabulous homes where they will be pampered and cared for. I ended up with 3 of them and need to start thinking of some names. So far I have Charlotte and Olive. I still need a name for the one who got the worst of it. She's mainly white with some black spots and has feathers on her feet (or used to have feathers on her feet). I know she'll be beautiful again, but right now she looks like a half bald turkey with fat feet. Any ideas? She needs a pretty name to make her feel better.
Tonight they are all sleeping quietly with my other girls and I plan on spoiling them with a super veggie breakfast in the morning.


  1. I say you name that chicken Anastasia.

    Also, the other lil baby chickens need to be liberated. In the middle of the night if need be. Then we could even throw eggs at the beautiful house for good measure on the way out. Good work getting the others out of there, Mama Bird.

  2. How about Scarlet? Or Lucille? I saw her today, poor thing! Good thing she got rescued--call me if you need the number to the aspca....Anica

  3. i think her name is Jem. from Jem and the misfits. she was such a fabulous punk rock star. also you work with a lot of gems, so it has a double meaning. can't wait to meet the newbies! i am so proud of what you did. it isn't easy and it takes balls! -catdance

  4. It breaks my heart to read this :/ I'm so glad you got them out of there though.
    There's a chicken egg farm near where my parents live and even though it says free range, you hardly ever see them around. It also smells, so after reading this.... I have a slightly altered opinion on the place.
    I feel impulsed to offer the name Florence. I hope all three are having the best sleep they've had in a long time...

  5. I'm so glad you took them, it is awful what some people do to animals, I took in and rehomed 15 dogs a few years ago (before I had kids) and am so glad I did, the 2 dogs that came to me in the worst state were both female and I called them Jade and Star, they both turned out to be beautiful dogs with wonderful personalities.

    I wish you luck with your new friends

    Micki x

  6. Hi , I am afraid , I had to skip thru the first part of this , I just saw 'can't believe how people treat their animals' and quickly got to the rescue part ( it is just so heartbreakingly excruciating how humans can shut down their nurturing feelings toward a helpless life.. and just kind of'pretend' that the animal doesn't have feelings or feel pain!!!

    Hurrah for you!!!!!

    I'm thinking ....Delilah!!!!!

  7. I think she is Lovely Lydia! So glad you saved them - I can't believe how those other people were keeping them!! So wish we had chickens...someday!