Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Winding Down

Now that things are starting to wind down at the shop, I've been enjoying my extra time making different kinds of soups and sitting by the fire each night. This is a delicious chicken and rice soup that I made for Art and I tonight. Last week it was tortilla soup. The key is to grill the chicken rather than boiling it. Gives it so much more flavor.
Hope you all are able to take a moment to enjoy this holiday season without getting too rapped up in the mayhem. I hate hearing my friends stress out about the gift giving stuff. Kind of ruins Christmas. I say, cut your list down and give more thoughtful gifts to those you really care about. Make it, bake it, or find someone who does. That's why Etsy is so great. I bought a few things this week that are on their way to my place. Sadly, or....... not so sadly..........they are all for me. hee hee

Tomorrow I will be sending off the last of my custom orders. This little dog was made special for someone who adopted a little white rescue dog. Now it turns out that they are expecting their first baby. How perfect!

1 comment:

  1. ooh, I love tortilla soup and haven't had it in a long time... yum. i've been making chilli's galore lately. winter = bowl food.
    i still can't imagine sitting by a fire in southern california though. but then it's -3 here, so maybe it's all relative? :)
    the dog is so cute! i love how he has a curious expression on his face.