Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Drawings and some cool stationary.

These are a few pencil drawings I did in yesterdays class. I call them simply .......koi fish and scary fish. (Francesca hid her drawings so I couldn't take a picture of hers. Little stinker!) We haven't decided exactly what the next painting project will be yet. We've been going back and forth whether to do another mural or some individual paintings. Whatever we choose it will have something to do with fish which is perfect since I've been working on my fish paintings lately.

On another note, look at these neat cards and envelopes made by the talented Alexis of Fern and Feather. She also has an Etsy shop right here. I love all the details and she even added my initials to them. There were three different ones, but I already used one. Thank you Alexis, I love them.

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  1. so glad you love them! thanks so much for the mention! oxo

    oh I thought of you with Craft Hope... I think there is a section where kids can donate their art.