Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Fabric Delivery

I was playing around with some more designs to see how they would translate into fabric. I like a couple of them and may list them in my shop very soon. I was a little disappointed with the birdcage ones (too over saturated for my taste). What do you think? Karin


  1. All just lovely Karin! So very you.... Were I to see them in a fabric shop, I would know right away that they were your creation.....

  2. this is sooo..o awesome doing your own fabrics!! what fun... I think if you love strong color. the birdcage ones would be yummo!!
    Slap 'em all in your shop!!

  3. the burnt orange one looks gorgeous! I think the bird cage ones look good too (esp. the pink one) - maybe better for smaller things, rather than say, a tablecloth (says the unimaginative one!), but nice nonetheless.