Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Some of my favorites

It feels so good to finally get some artwork framed that I've been collecting over the last few months. I was thinking of starting a "Bird Wall' featuring different artists, but then I saw the typewriter and well...things are taking a different direction. I also have a Frida aceo from Danita's shop that I haven't found the right frame for.
The urchin print is obviously one of mine, but I really liked it printed large in a 20 inch frame.
So I think the theme now is shades of blue.

You're probably familiar with these artists, but here's where you can find them just in case.

The Mincing Mockingbird- bird prints
Kate Birch- original paintings on vintage poetry pages.
Michele Maule- Original typewriter illustration


  1. ooh your going to have one fabulous wall of art, they are all gorgeous!!

  2. I really love the birds!!

    I love your one framed up too.. it's funny I have started on matte'ing and framing everything white too! huh!
    Thinking alike.. I love the fresh , lightness of the look!