Friday, March 5, 2010

She's done it again!

Look at Briana Edelmans new kisslock clutches featuring my chickadee fabric. I love that she lines the inside with a complimentary color in silk fabric. You do such beautiful work Briana.
You can find these and many others in her Etsy Shop.


  1. How lovely Karin! I love the way she used your fabric composition to the ultimate in her designs. She knew just where to have the print fall to make the most effective, and attractive use of it.....It shows your gorgeous artwork to the fullest!! Well done.

  2. BTW.... Am I the only blog visitor who feels compelled to play with the pet hamster?!! He's too cute Karin!! LOL.... I'm like a goof playing with him and feeding him...... almost everytime I visit your blog..... yikes! :D