Friday, April 9, 2010

Color Inspiration

I can't help but love these colors together. There's just something about cherry red and turquoise that make me happy. Miss Betty thinks she also looks dazzling enough to be included.

The last couple of days have been consumed with MAJOR spring cleaning. Am I the only one who can't start anything creative unless the house is clean?
I'm happy to report that I have finally.......that's right.....I finally started painting something new. It seems like forever since I've been able to paint just for me.


  1. Hi Karin! That's great news ~ I'll look forward to seeing it when you're ready!
    Aside from being ill all over Easter, I have been clearing out too. Apart from seeing it as something I have to do before getting on to something else, I've just been seeing it as part of the process. Getting my mind ready and clear enough. I'm wondering how much I'll get rid of to be happy with the space I have left.
    I know what you mean about certain color combination's making you happy. I always get a kick when I see mine together, and deliberately do my work Excel sheets in those colors too :)
    I hope you're well! I'm just catching up on my favorite blogs again now.

  2. {{looks like my previous attempt at commenting didn't work, but apologies if this eventually shows up twice}}
    Hi Karin! I will look forward to seeing your latest painting when it's ready!
    I have been clearing out too. I like to consider it as part of the process. I've been clearing out a lot lately, especially before Easter. I got ill over Easter, and am itching to get back to clearing up and out some more!
    I know what you mean about certain color combinations too. I try to sneak mine in to the mundane things like work Excel spreadsheets just to keep me happy :)
    I'm just catching up on my blogs now, so this is likely the first of a few comments ~