Friday, April 23, 2010

New fabric, a funky egg and a little confusion

These are totally unrelated, but this has been my day today.

I just got a sample of my new fabric design in and I'm loving the apple green color. I may bump up the color a bit to a more limey green but I'm not sure. What do you think?

Now, on to the chickens.
Somebody laid a water balloon today. It's the weirdest thing. An egg without a shell......that's a first. Looks like a silicone implant with dirt on it.
I immediately went to my computer and googled it cause I thought I might have a sick hen or something. Turns out it's not that uncommon. It can happen if the weather changes drastically, if they're under stress, or they don't get enough shell or grit in their diet. The only thing it could be then is the weather shifting this week.

Then there's Miss Lemon Drop. She somehow got the idea that this big rock in the yard is her egg. Doesn't she look so proud of herself? Should I break the news to her or let her go on living in her fantasy world?

Confusion I tell's everywhere.


  1. Lemon Drop is hilarious. She's not the one who was nesting in the arbor, was she? That's a cute picture. She's just bursting with pride.
    We've never had an egg without a shell...eek.

  2. No, that was Ruby. Our chickens are always coming up with something new to entertain us.

  3. Nice fabric, and I can see where you're eye is going with adding more lime to it...
    How did it feel to hold the shell-less egg? I imagine it to be firmer than I'm imagining, since you didn't pop it!

  4. I love the green as is !! ( but I'm a major green lover!!
    Cool egg.. my 11 year old would LOVE to find one like that!
    Haha you can tell you don't have kids.. your chickens have lovely names..mine are ..Lola-white-bottom..