Friday, April 30, 2010

Student Show and Tell

Here are some finished paintings from my students last weekend. Aren't they just amazing?
I love that Andrew painted his dog Oliver, and Andrea sculpted a wolf out of my kneaded eraser. Classic!
They will all be here tomorrow morning, so I better start brainstorming for new ideas.

Have a great weekend. I'm about to head over to a good friend's house for some sunset margaritas. I just love this time of year.


  1. Love that dog painting, so cute!!
    They are all an exremely talented group, I bet you are very proud of them!!

    Micki x

  2. Sunset margaritas! Ahhhh, that would be the life :) It'll be a little longer before we'll be back out on our balcony again. Temperatures are currently about 10 degrees lower than predicted right now ~ Brrr.

    Your students are so cute and so creative! Are your classes something you advertise locally, or are you related to a local school in some way? I think it's such a great opportunity for the ones who get to do this with you!