Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Too nice out Tuesday"

I have declared today to be "Too nice out Tuesday"

We decided to go to the beach again. My sister was brave enough to swim in the chilly water. I almost did, but I really like the water to be at least 70 degrees.

Look at this giant blue crab that washed up. So sad he's dead, but couldn't help but stare at his beautiful shell.


  1. No such thing as too nice out- especially at the beach. Cowabunga!

  2. Wow, looks very nice. Makes me want to visit, too!!

  3. 70 is about right!
    I can't wait to go swimming.
    Beautiful crab.

  4. Oh my! Such a big, empty beach. Looks like bliss to me... (though I'm with you on the water temp!).