Sunday, October 10, 2010


Today was the day that our friend proposed to his girlfriend on their favorite rock near Seaside Beach. After she said "Yes...(of course)" they continued down the beach for a sunset walk. She had no idea that just ahead was a private dinner tent for two.
Art and I spent the day running around, prepping and setting up, and in the end..... it was perfect. Tent, flowers, good wine and food from Vigilucci's. ( you can't go wrong)
We were dressed in black and white and played waiter and paparazzi.
The weather was amazing this weekend. Warm and clear skies, ideal for a romantic evening.

The two lovebirds spent the evening eating, drinking and kissing till dark. So dark it was a little hairy finding out way back around the bluff to the car.

Congratulations you two!

The end

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