Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Hibernation

The season is almost over as far as the online world is concerned. Now I can sleep in, deck the halls and count the days before Christmas. Art's happy because it means I'll start cooking more. I just bought 2 cookbooks with a total of 575 soup recipes. My Christmas shopping is done and I'm ready.......are you?

*Don't forget.....Tuesday I picked the winner for my holiday giveaway!


  1. I love the bead ornaments. They remind me of my grandmother. She them all the time.

    Ready the holidays...I'm ready to slow down. And i'll get some cooking in too!

  2. I always like seeing the pics of your Christmas decorations...very fun.

  3. Pam---I just got those from my grandmother! Guess that's when the ladies had time to gather and make all of those.

    Erika--Thank you so much!

  4. i just started shopping today. i am always last minute...i prefer it that way!