Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Here's a toast to the beginning of my soup making efforts. This is the vegetable with quinoa soup that I got from my friend Alexis' blog. She wasn't kidding when she said to use your biggest pot. I ran out of room and had to omit the butternut squash. It made enough to feed four families! Next time I'll remember to make a half batch.
Serve this with some crusty bread, grilled chicken and of course a nice glass of wine. good!

If you have a favorite soup recipe...please share. I just bought 2 cookbooks with a total of 570 different soups.
I hope the weather stays rainy and winter like so I'll be in the mood to make more.
Did I tell you I only cook 3-4 months out of the year? The rest of the time I (try) to leave it to Art and his grilling skills.

Also pictured are some pretty shots of Barrels and Branches. Don't you just love the way they decorate?


  1. Karen this looks so amazing and yes I am jealous!! I just finished eating a can of soup for lunch that I really didn't like because it tasted very far from homemade. I do have a soup recipe that I make a few times in the colder months - it is really satisfying. Here is the link (the link takes you to another blog I have which is our CSA/Farm blog.

    I hope to make a big pot of soup this weekend!!


  2. Thanks...I'll go check it out right now. Karin

  3. those last two shots are great! v inspiring.

    my favorite soup recipes are pretty much all raw ones, aside from Bobby Flay's black bean one which is heaven sent :) I love one called Pumpkin Pie in a Bowl which is fresh carrot juice (3 cups) blended with a little bit of raw sweet potato, 2 or 3 medjool dates and a half teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice. It's one of my favorite comfort foods :)
    I just indulged in a few more cookbooks too, to keep me happily inspired. I got the Lee Bros Simple Fresh Southern and another called Pure Flavor. Yum!