Friday, May 20, 2011

to do list

While browsing through pictures I took of my backyard last year..... it is clear that I need to dedicate tomorrow to weeding, mowing, and if I'm lucky It'll look like this again. Right now it looks like all the weeds I pulled before Easter have returned and are twice the size.

Of course, you are all more than welcome to help. (wishful thinking I know)

WAIT!!! Art just informed me that the world is supposed to end tomorrow, so I may change my plans. I'm not going to spend my last day doing chores. Maybe we should have a going away party?


  1. Your Angel's Trumpet is beautiful!

  2. your garden looks so huge! (says a londoner with a balcony) - is that a veggie patch? so you have home grown veg and local honey? sounds so good! we have homegrown herbs on our balcony too, and we can fit one hammock out there so long as the other is okay at the little table & chairs...

  3. Sometimes I wish for a smaller yard so I can stay on top of the weeding and give my herbs more attention.