Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Latest Planting Project

Just finished making this concrete/moss planter and couldn't wait to recreate a Bonsai forest I had my eye on at Barrels and Branches. It was way out of my price range so "why not make one right?" Definitely more work than I thought, but so worth it. Instead of a ficus tree, I chose a tiny fuchsia as my focal plant. The rest was filled in with pebbles and succulents. Is this not the cutest thing?


  1. the planter is amazing! planted up it looks like...it should be at my house!!

  2. It is the cutest thing! I love it!

    And answers to your two previous questions on my blog:
    The blue canopy is actually my moms - if it were mine I would love to sell it!!!!

    Second, that kitty fabric you really liked is by Anna Griffin:



  3. Very sweet planter Karin. I love your choice of plants. And yes, well worth the effort to make yourself... you have brought your own sense of artistry to the arrangement.