Friday, July 29, 2011

Musical Furniture --dining room

So I was playing musical furniture in my house again. This time the dining room go a little switch-a-roo.
I recently acquired a table my Dad used as a desk and wasn't sure what to do with it...but knew that I liked it. I love the simple lines and the top has really pretty wood slat detail.

So I was going back and forth in my head as to where it would go. A sewing table in my art studio or here in the dining room? It was a too big for the studio and I thought it might be too small for a dining table... but once I switched it, it totally worked. Just the right size for the space. I also swapped out the four chairs with these that were in my studio. I think this room needed some wood to ground it after the walls were painted.

It's funny, I've always had the idea that I needed a table that seats up to 10 people since I have such a big family. In reality, when my families over, we all sit outside at the larger dining table.


  1. The table looks perfect there! It is always nicer to have a table with a story than one you just purchase at a store! Your hutch is beautiful! ~Val

  2. It looks great there Karin! As you already know, I really admire your sense of style :) The white table with the plant looks gorgeous, as does your painting in the heavy frame. I love how it all comes together.