Monday, August 22, 2011

Baby Shower...continued

The theme for my sister's shower was "vintage baby" which was so much fun to plan.

The day went without a hitch thanks to all the help from my sisters and friends who pitched in with fabulous food and props.
I can't believe I forgot to take a picture of the food table! It was beautiful.
For lunch we enjoyed a vegetarian feast of tea sandwiches, pasta, savory tarts, quinoa with cranberries and almonds, pesto quiche, green salad and a tropical fruit salad. Then of course we had to trash our bodies with candy and cupcakes...oh and some really good rum punch.

The decorations consisted of handmade tissue pom poms, pin wheels for the cupcakes, and a felted bird mobile ( which I figured it took me about 20 hours to make!). It was really special to have my Dad's old teddy bear included in the decor and my sister's vintage steif collection. The garland was made from vintage alphabet cards attached to twine with mini clothes pins.

The outside was decorated with paper lanterns, flowers, vintage table clothes and an assortment of baby hawaiian shirts strung on a clothesline .

....oh, and little succulent party favors.

Mix all of this with good people and I'd say it was a total success. So successful that it lasted well into the evening.


  1. oh.. those pinwheel cupcakes are so precious.. and I love the succulent babies.. EVERYTHING looked so beautiful!
    she must have been delighted!

  2. Everything looks perfect and sweet! And the little succulents...too cute.

  3. Thanks you guys! The pin wheels are super easy to make. I got the instructions from Martha's website of course.

  4. karin!! this is so pretty! I love everything that you do!

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