Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Island Baby" Shower for Lara Vellocido

As promised, I wanted to share some pictures of my sister's baby shower. Since the little one will have family here and in Hawaii, we went with an Island Hopper/Travel Baby theme. Thank goodness the weather was beautiful and sunny. You just never know this time of year.
The food was sooo soo good....
The menu consisted of potato zucchini pizzas, fruit kabobs, asparagus quiche, pasta salad, tea sandwiches and white chocolate stuffed raspberries. Oh, and it gets better. We all sipped on a champagne punch and fruity Bahama Mama rum drinks. It's a baby shower got to get your buzz on.

Party favors were mini bottles of Champagne that read..."Thank you for flying Vellocido Airlines. Pop upon arrival of baby Vellocido."

....And then there was the giant cake that Cat and I made.
It was 14 inches round, three layers high and took 9 hours to make! Why?.. because we only had one cake pan and had to let it cool and pop out in order to start the next one. The cake was dark chocolate with chocolate chunks inside and topped with a super light and fluffy homemade frosting that tasted like vanilla marshmallows. I have NEVER seen woman eat cake like they did that day. Going back for seconds and even requesting the pieces with heavy frosting! It was kind of cool to watch. Not a piece was left over..thank god. All our guests took home huge slabs of it to their families.

Also pictured here is the painting I did for their Nursery. A 20x20'' image of Lara's dog "Cash" flying his toy plane over Hawaii. He is technically her first baby.
(prints will be available in my shop very soon!)


  1. Love the painting and the matching plane on the cake! Now I see that I sooooo should have booked you for my baby shower nearly 4 years ago. ;)

  2. Karin, I love this shower theme! It's beyond awesome! The cake is amazing as well as the food spread and I love the champagne party favors! Super cute dog in the airplane art too! Glad you had nice winter weather for it.