Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Better late than never

I made these Hypertufa planters for my husbands friend who's remodeling his house inside and out. They were on my "to do" list for months.
Because of their size...they are super heavy and take twice as long to cure. Oh, and I can only make one at a time.
Well, finally they are done....and just in time for his wife's birthday.
All the succulents are cuttings from my garden. That would have cost a fortune if I had to buy them. I just love that succulents propagate themselves.

**Here's something totally random but got my attention the other day. I saw an ad for an estate sale reading.....
"Once in a lifetime estate sale!"
Then I shot coffee shot out my nose...Cause unless you have nine lives, aren't they all? Geez...funny yet tacky, all at the same time.


  1. the succ-planters are so pretty and funny about the estate sale!