Saturday, June 9, 2012

Down and Dirty

No, not that kind of dirty....I'm talking about gardening here people!

Today, I spent the entire day in the yard. Now that I'm sitting inside, I can feel my body temperature trying to acclimate. It makes my cheeks burn and brings me back to the days I worked at a flower stand...oh, 17 years ago. Wow, that makes me feel old!

Anyway, back to the yard shall we.
My main goal was to rebuild a new table display for my bonsai's and other planting creations. Its crazy how fast I outgrew my last set up. I went from taking care of my Dad's 45 year old bonsai to acquiring three more. I totally pretend to know what I'm doing with them, but I really don't. Just trying to make them look like the pictures. Maybe I should take a class? They teach one down at Balboa Park. Can you just picture me sitting amongst a group of old timers! (I totally could!) Anyone want to take it with me?
So here's my new set up along with some pictures of the vegetable garden. It's getting big!

Then Art helped me hang this vintage window screen with tillandsia's (air plants) from under the eaves right outside my studio door.

Go ahead...just say it. I'm a plant geek.

Here's a shot of Art's sweet peas this year. Note the angle of my camera. These bad boys are over six feet tall!

And I leave you with one last shot. Some boysenberries I picked that Miss Ruby tried to fly up and grab from my hands. Since you get a small handful every other day, I'm thinking of freezing them and eventually making jam or a pie when I have enough. Anyone have a good recipe?

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  1. I love how Ruby is totally stalking you and your berry harvest.