Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Furniture!

What?...two posts in one night?
Its been either feast or famine with my blog posting...and tonight...we shall feast.

Some of you may recognize this piece. It's my old shop counter from Vintage Blues! Decided it was time to let it go. With a coat of green paint and some to the Pannikin it went. Lasted a whole day before getting snatched up by some lucky shopper.

I replaced it as soon as possible with this beauty... a vintage cabinet with amazing storage and neat little drawer inside. There are also a few small pieces on sale too. Get'em while their hot! They won't last long.


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  2. The vintage cabinet is a great replacement for the old countertop. You have an aquatic theme going on, so I think the fading paint of the cabinet adds a great effect to the whole picture. The drawer is a nice addition, too. It works well with the shelves and with the wall as well.