Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Art!

Today is my husband Art's birthday. When I asked him what he wanted to do for his day he said," I want to visit my friend Mac, do some gardening, and just hang out." Not surprising since we've been jumping from one event to the next and still have a full month of birthday celebrations ahead. I was actually pretty relieved because I felt like chilling out too. I think this is the first time in thirteen years that he didn't want a party. Whew!
So we got up, had breakfast and headed to Mac's house. We were greeted at the kitchen door by his two dogs and a miniature pony. Then we had to check out the new batch of baby chicks (we might take two of them), and hung out playing guitar. Did I mention Mac has a farm in Olivenhain? We left with a 30ft ladder and some yellow squash from his vegetable garden.
So we all ended up back at our place for some major tree trimming, beers and lounging in the hammocks.

Do you like my cake decorating? Can you even see the little chocolate ganache cake hiding under there?

Happy Birthday Art! Love you, Karin

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  1. Happy Birthday Art! :)
    At first I thought wow now you have a donkey! Ha ha. It sounds like a very lovely day was had. That's a beautiful photo of the butterfly too, so vivid.
    Is that Art in the photo or Mac?
    Happy Sunday,