Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oh, the projects are piling up!

So, I acquired a cute little chair for my office the other day and thought it would look great slip covered. Of course I've never made one before, but heard it's really eeeeeeeeasy. Then my friend had to tell me how complex it can be. What did I get myself into? Oh well, no turning back now.

I also have a baby shower coming up this month and wanted to make a blanket out of my chickadee fabric with a soft minky blue fabric for the back. She's having a girl, but said "no pink!," so I decided to make everything in tangerine and turquoise. I found a cute little outfit as well. (I draw the line when it comes to making baby clothes. ) Then there's my trio of bunnies made from mittens I'd love to include if I finish them in time. The last one's still laying in five pieces.

Last but not least, the orange and chocolate fabric at the bottom of the stack is supposed to be a skirt. All pinned and ready to sew.

All these projects had me thinking............I need to have an open studio day. Maybe invite someone who's sewn slip covers before? Anybody??

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