Thursday, March 26, 2009

Farewell my Feathered Friends

Well, I wasn't planning on blogging about things that sold in my shop, but these two guys were my favorite and I will miss them.  I like to name my little critters after people I known.  First it was my husbands buddies and now I've expanded the name search back even further.  Harry was named after my dad.  He kind of has the same muscular stockiness that my dad had.  Steve, was named after my old roommates friend.  They've packed their bags and are ready for their new home in Seattle.   Goodbye boys!   Karin


  1. This is a great blog! Keep it up. I love my little birdie. He's so 'tweet!

  2. oohhh. so sad. They will go to a good home. And they have eachother... -cat