Friday, March 27, 2009

Planting instead of Painting

I've got a girlfriend of mine coming down for the day so I thought I'd get some gardening in before she gets here. 
 I got these beautiful plants at Barrels and Branches Nursery(in Encinitas).  If you haven't been there before, you MUST check them out.  Samantha and Danika own and run the nursery along with their all female staff of employees. They have given me a space inside her large gift shop.  This is pretty much my last place locally that I sell my candles, art and vintage finds at.  I got burned out of the mass manufactured world of retail last year when I closed my shop at Leaping Lotus, and Barrels and Branches have been huge supporters for local artists.  
This nursery is filled with interesting little nooks, trails and waterfalls.  If they had a coffee vender I'd probably never leave.  It's so close to my house I can walk or ride my bike there, but usually drive so I can shop.  They also had a several page write up last month in Sunset Magazine which they received an overwhelming response from.  You go girls!

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