Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

I was going to post a "Sunday Show and Tell," but my students are in the middle of their painting project and don't want to show their work half done. So, since it's Easter today, I thought I'd snap a picture of my Easter display before everyone arrives. Art picked a whole bouquet of sweet peas that smelled so wonderful. I put them in the large jar so that my cats won't tip them over. They are already about eight years old and just figured out how great vase water is. I haven't been able to use any of my pottery collection for about a year now.
Easter was great. My sisters and their men came over for cocktails and a BBQ. Ethan enjoyed his easter egg hunt and ate way too much sugar. The only bummer were the sprinkles on the cupcakes. They looked so cute at Micheals- I had to get them, but everyone complained that they were hard like cardboard. I thought they were just stale, so I wiped mine off, but when I read at the package they came in, I collapse to the ground laughing. Turns out they were fake sprinkles make for decorating who knows what! Why on earth did they have them next to the cookie cutters? I feel sick! Sorry guys.
Other than that we had a great Easter. Karin

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  1. Hi Karin ~
    I love how you celebrated Easter! I did surprise Andy with the extra little bit of effort I went to for the day, as inspired by your earlier post :)

    That's terrible having fake sprinkles by the cookie cutters. I too would have thought them edible being positioned where they were. At least you didn't put too many on each cake.

    ~ Emily.