Friday, April 10, 2009

Bubbles and Sea horses

Today I worked on a little painting to use in my class to teach my students how to paint bubbles.  Next month is when they will be learning how to paint clear objects so I thought I'd get a head start.  I decided to throw in some sea horses for the hell of it.  
Art brought me these brilliant melon colored poppies yesterday for a little pre-easter planting.  I've been trying to spruce up the entrance of my studio and make it more inviting- like a secret garden.  Of coarse- where ever I go- my co-pilot Eddie is right behind me. I could literally walk around the same tree twenty times and he would follow my every step.  Have a great weekend, I'll be back on Sunday to post my "Sunday Show and Tell," so please check back.  Karin

1 comment:

  1. Eddie is so cute. Thanks for the tour today!
    I think throwing sea horses in for the hell of it is always a good idea.