Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Just Got a Fresh Batch of Fabric in!

I'm loving how pretty the colors turned out. I've listed a few new styles in my shop and have some other designs mulling around in my head. Designing fabric can be very addicting and Spoonflower is such a great fabric printing company to work with. I recommend hiring Dannielle (their color tech girl) to re-work the colors so they are calibrated to their printer. That is unless your computer savvy which I'm definitely not.

I'm thinking of making an apron or something- mixing all my chickadee fabrics. I haven't decided yet and I don't want to mess up, so it's pretty much stalled the whole project.
And speaking of birds, I'm posting a link sent to me by a fellow etsian and bird lover. She's asked everyone at Etsy to post it in any of their bird related product descriptions to help save a lot of birds from becoming extinct. So if you love birds please sign this petition


  1. I've been sitting here for a while...great feminine !

    Thanks for your comment about my free hugs on Cathy Nichols blog. I'm following you now, if you don't mind. Here's my blog address if you want to see more of my art. If you stop by, please leave a comment so I know you were there !

    see you around

  2. OOh, gorgeous!

    I would love an apron sometime. Put it on my wish list.

  3. Oh my such lovely fabircs and i love the designs!! I LOVE Spoonflower too and it's soo true fabric design can be addicting!! Im off to your shop. hehe Looking forward to see what you come out with these lovely fabrics! Have a good merry happy day and love to you!

  4. These materials look just stunning. I love the flowing hair ones, they are pretty much perfection in my mind!
    ~ emily.