Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cinco de Mayo!

I hope everyone had a fun Cinco de Mayo yesterday. I took the train up to L.A. and had a great lunch with my Gramme, sister Catharine and her knuckle head husband Zuri. We ate at Elements Kitchen which is my new favorite place in south Pasadena. It was a little noisy this time due to the ice cream maker they had churning, but the food was worth it. Look at this adorable picture of my Gramme Jo! She must be drinking some special fountain of youth potion, but she'll never tell. If only we could all look this fabulous at 95.

The rest of the evening was spent drinking margaritas with Zuri, Cat and friend Jen from Zuri's personal Tiki bar. Here's a shot of them posing for me. I wish the picture was better, but it was indoors at night.

The train ride was very relaxing, and I worked on some new sketches for a painting I hope to start soon. Karin


  1. Love that tiki bar!

    I found you from Veronica Diago's blog, and I'm enjoying your art! I'll be back....

  2. Great pictures Karin! Wish I could have made it--looked like fun! --Anica

  3. Hey Karin ! Thanks for your comment on my Underwter Sub. Yes,it'll be for sale on my future etsy shop. I'm just waiting for some clear bags and backing for the prints, and off I go.

    I love the piece that's below this post, the one with the open birdcages and the red birds flying out of them, against the green background. It's beautiful, nice palette.

    Hey, aren't you gonna try some paint chip fun with your students ? That'll be nice for next, or the next Friday. I'll be happy to post their creations on a post specially dedicated to you, and probably call it "Paint Chip Fun for Children".

    See you around in the blogosphere !

  4. Hey Karin! ~
    Looks & sounds like a great time was had. I like being nosy & seeing how others decorate ~ I love that wall by the tiki bar.
    Your Gramme Jo sure does look good for her age :)
    We really must do a cinco de mayo in Mex or the US one day. It was pouring down here so I just made cumin dusted sweet potato wedges and a whipped avocado chipotle dip as a nod to the date!
    Have a great weekend, Emily.