Friday, May 15, 2009

I got nothing

I've been repacking and organizing everything I need for sundays Patchwork show. Wish I had more to share with you today, but it just wasn't that exciting. How about a picture of some of my most coveted collections? Will that tied you over till monday?

I've been collecting art pottery for years. I had so much at one point that I decided to sell off a ton of it only holding on to my favorites. I have to credit the feng shui book "Move your stuff, Change your life" for getting me on tract when it comes to collecting things. It's such a fun book to read and it really helped me from becoming overwhelmed by my stuff. I have since learned to "keep the best, get rid of the rest". The best part is that it's so much easier to clean my house. For the past few years I've slowly been purging and organizing everything in my house right down to the tupperware drawer. Sure I still buy things that I love, but I'm trying hard to be a much more conscience consumer these days. I'll never live in a total minimalistic house, but I've noticed that having less clutter makes it so much easier to keep things organized. Those who know me well know that I love to play musical furniture in my house. It's a great way to experiment with what you have and fall in love with your stuff all over again.
You know those inspiration walls that you pin all your ideas on? Do you ever get bogged down, energy zapped when they get too full with pictures and bits of stuff? I have to clean mine off every six months or so to keep the juices flowing. Enough rambling for now, I hope everyone has great weekend. Karin


  1. Love your little Pottery Collection! It's very warm and inviting to the eye to look at. My mom collects little miniature hand-turned vases to.

    I can't wait to begin decorating my house... soon.

  2. Hi Karin! ~
    I hope the show went well :)
    Nice pottery collection for sure! Less clutter is good - this I am learning as we clear out ready for another move. Do you use cork boards for your inspiration wall? At the moment I have things pegged to string and also a binder full of things that inspire me, but I'd love to put something more complete once we get a place in London.
    Have a great day ~

  3. I actually have three large binders overflowing with inspirational pictures, and two twisted wire wall hanging thingys to post my favorites pictures of the month on.