Thursday, May 14, 2009

Robot Party

I've been working on some art work for my little nephews party invitations. He wants to have a robot party. I wonder if we're supposed to come in costume? Do you like it Anica? I think it would be cute on a turquoise card stock background.

The rest of my day was spent weeding and breaking open the poppy seed pods for next years spring display. It's so sad when all the poppies dye back, but they were beautiful for several months. Here's a picture of them when they were at their best. Karin


  1. Hi Karin!
    Hope you've had a great week :) Those poppies are beautiful. They look great in a cluster like that also. The invite is fun - very cute indeed.
    ~ emily.

  2. The invitation looks awesome Karin! Thank you so much--Ethan will love it. -Anica