Saturday, June 6, 2009

After Class Crash!

The animals and I decided to take a little nap after class today. Max found a very precarious spot in a wire basket, while Eddie and I chose the hammock. The rest of my farm napped under and around us. It was a nice way to spend the afternoon.

Here are some pictures of my last succulent painting from the series of three I started a few weeks ago. Kind of looks like a rose, but so does the plant. The other is a sample water drop painting for class. I wanted to keep them as separate paintings in case I use one for a possible fabric print. I'll have to post the classes paintings tomorrow. My camera battery died out while trying to upload them on my computer. See you then. Karin


  1. Love that you did the first one in deep plum and yellow! The water drops fascinate me too - they're very effective.

    What breed of dog is Eddie? He looks sort of like a Springer Spaniel, but his ears are shorter. He's gorgeous.

    I find it entertaining that Andy always tells me cats are the intelligent ones. Hammock or wire basket? Let me think.... :)))

    Have a great day, Emily.

  2. Damn those camera batteries! :)

    I'm amazed at your water drops. I wish I was in your class! I think I'd learn a lot.

    Your animals are so cute! A hammock nap sounds like heaven!