Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nothing better than Flowers

After a long weekend of yard work, spring cleaning and a birthday bash, I thought I'd reward myself with some fresh flowers. The orange lilies will take a day or two to open up which will look so pretty with the pale green orchids and berry looking things. The giant queen protea in the other picture was a gift from my neighbor for watching over her chickens last week. I forgot how nice it is having fresh flowers in the house. Just need to keep an eye on the kitties----they're notorious for knocking vases over which is why I haven't been using my good pottery.

Speaking of pottery........... my blog friend Emily has requested a picture of my kitchy kitchen pottery collection (try saying that five times fast). I had to give them all their annual dusting/soapy bath and boy was it dirty up there.
I'm keeping busy in the studio making more Jewelry, prints and things for the shop right now. I'll show you as soon as I have some good pictures. Take care and thanks for stopping by. Karin


  1. I love those chickens! The whole shelf is very cool ~ thank you for showing it off :) It's nice to see how you integrate your vibrant paintings too.
    Flowers and plants in general are great, aren't they. The first thing I always do wherever I move to is buy heaps of greenery and get a vase. The whole place starts to feel alive.
    Thanks again for the peak into your kitchen!
    ~ Emily.

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