Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Three Amigos are Traveling the Globe

I Just received an email from the "Chirpy Chicks (aka "Three Amigos") personal travel agent and chaperone. If you haven't been following along, here's a little recap. Beth bought my needle felted friends last winter from my Etsy shop and has allowed them to experience the world with her and her sister who are avid travelers.

Dear Karin,
The 3 Amigos are really making their way around the world--but for now here's a few shots of their adventures in Baltimore this past weekend. These are shots of them enjoying Honfest in Hamden--what a time they had!
More shots will eventually get to you of their time at the Boston Marathon, springtime in Paris, adventures in DC (though they didn't get to any of the official sites) and more!
We love our time with them,


  1. Very cute! Paddling pool photo made me smile :)

  2. That's so cool that she keeps in touch with you to let you see their travels!