Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The story of little Miss Lemon Drop

I've always thought it would be neat to have chickens. When my neighbor Sue got some chicks to raise and share with my other neighbor, I was so excited to have them on our block.

This conversation changed everything.
Sue- "One of the chicks (Lemon Drop) has a crooked beak and may never lay eggs"
Sandy-"We'll just eat her"
Sue-"Oh no you won't!"
Sandy-"Hey, I'm a farm girl. That's what we do"

later on that day.......
Sue-"I can't believe she said that!"
Me-"I'll take her. Art and I will give her a no kill shelter"
Sue-"Really, then I'll give you three of them."

So we got three very sweet sociable chickens. Pearl and Ruby were already laying and Lemon Drop wasn't. She was much smaller than the others. My husbands friend told us that normally these birds don't live long because they can't get enough nutrients. Lemon could eat her grain and mash, but had a hard time picking up vegetable scraps. I started chopping up all their scraps in a cuisinart. The day I saw her enjoying a bowl of yogurt with bread it brought tears to my eyes. Finally she could enjoy what the others were eating. Two months later, she started laying eggs. Beautiful green/blue ones. So she wasn't a lemon after all.

*A little update on the last batch of chickens we rescued. We decided to name the big white one Alice. She's much happier and her feathers are all coming back. The other two are becoming more and more friendly each day.


  1. That's so cute! You're a good chicken friend :) It's good to hear the rescue ones are getting back on track to health.

  2. this story makes me so happy!! we need to skype soon. next week maybe? -cat

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with Emily. You are a good chicken friend!

    I think, perhaps, you should make shirts with Lemon Drop's likeness on them. Lemon Drop Fan Club? I love Lemon Drop? If Lemon Drop Can Lay an Egg- So Can I? WWLDD (What would Lemon Drop Do?)

    Ok, I'll stop. I was just excited- it was a really sweet story.

  4. Oh! I just got some other really good ideas for designs involving Lemon Drop the chicken & martini glasses! She could become an icon. And it sounds like she deserves it!

    Ok, I guess now I'll stop.