Monday, November 16, 2009

Wild Show Weekend

This was the first time I've ever had back to back shows. All the loading, unloading, setting up and tearing down was so exhausting.

The Olivenhain show was in a beautiful setting under a grove of eucalyptus trees. This show was much quieter than previous years, but I had a great time visiting with friends .
The Patchwork Arts and Crafts Festival was incredible! If only I had more time to wander and shop. This is by far the best show with some very talented local artists. There is another Patchwork show on the 29th in Long Beach that I can't wait to be a part of.


  1. Sounds like your fairs went better than mine this weekend, i've got one more before xmas and thats me done for this year!!

    Micki x

  2. Wow, looks so wonderful and your work is so colorful and happy. Great job and so inspiring - I hope to one day have a show!